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Pain Management

Interventional Pain Medicine is a specialty that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions which manifest pain. Dr. Ruggeroli and Dr. Helmi  attempt to provide a rational approach to the management of such painful conditions.


Our approach involves the establishment of the correct diagnosis which allows us to implement appropriate and effective treatments. 


Dr. Ruggeroli, Dr. Helmi, and the staff at Pain Specialists of Nevada are dedicated to optimizing the lives of our patients. We recognize the difficulties of painful conditions and their treatments. Every effort will be made to provide professional and courteous care.

Our Professionals

Pain Specialists of Nevada consists of two medical providers, Anthony C. Ruggeroli, MD and Nader N. Helmi, DO. Each of these medical professionals’ practices pain medicine full-time.

First Visit

Office Location

All patients are initially seen at our office in the southwestern Las Vegas valley. Please refer to the "Contact Us" section of this site for directions.


We ask all patients to fill out detailed questionnaires before their first visit. These forms can be accessed on this website.


The initial consultation consists of a discussion of your pain history, examination, review of previous diagnostic studies and medical records.

Appointment length

A new patient should arrive 30 minutes prior to the first appointment and make arrangements to be in our office for approximately 90 minutes. A thorough approach is used at every visit.


At the conclusion of this first visit, Dr. Ruggeroli or Dr. Helmi will explain treatment options. Then a plan will be initiated to help you reach your goals.


Frequently, painful conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat and may require several visits over several months to arrive at a satisfactory outcome.


We offer minimally invasive interventions on the neck, middle and lower back to treat back, arm and leg pain. Treatments include diagnostic and therapeutic injection therapy, minimally invasive decompression surgery, implantable devices, such as spinal cord stimulation or intrathecal drug delivery. These are sophisticated procedures that require technical expertise and careful follow-up for a successful outcome.

Abdominal and pelvic pain can be debilitating, and with a comprehensive, stepwise approach patients often return to the life they desire.

We offer minimally invasive options that afford relief and improve function.

Nerve disorders include nerve injury from trauma or surgery, post herpetic neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome and diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and many other disease states. With cutting edge treatments, meaningful solutions are available now more than ever.

Oftentimes patients are unaware of the treatments that can be used to manage difficult pain conditions. Regenerative therapy strategies may be indicated for you to help heal and avoid further injury.

Our evidenced based approach incorporates therapies, medication, as well as Interventional procedures in hope of diminishing overall pain levels, reducing medication intake and increasing function. Opioid medications are considered in this approach but may not always be appropriate. There has been a marked increase in the number of prescription drug addictions, overdoses, and even deaths over the past decade, so non-opioid options are always considered as part of the treatment plan. Certain classes of medications, such as benzodiazepines, may increase opioid risks and may be considered high risk by federal and state guidelines. To ensure the greatest patient safety, we require random urine drug testing, frequent medication review, and the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program system to ensure that controlled substances are being utilized as agreed in the treatment plan.

Contact Us


9159 W Flamingo Rd, Suite 100 | Las Vegas, NV 89147

Business Hours

8.00am – 5.00pm (Monday – Thursday)

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Office: (702) 307-7700 | Fax: (702) 307-7942